Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bloomsday - throws a verb

Ajoyce; Verb (newly minted) [A-jois]; To strut about Dublin's oldest pubs with cane, specs, boater-hat and Guinness pint on any Bloomsday, displaying an effected air of superior intellect and a dubious knowlege of Ulysses, possibly gleaned from having imbibed several pre-6pm pints.

'We ajoyced all afternoon with our fellow travellers, several Leopold Blooms, countless James Joyces, a half-dozen Stephen Dedalus's and a token Blazes Boylan, but I was forced to retire early on account of being barnacled at the hip by an amorous, bambosomed Molly Bloom, and my heart was going like mad and ''yes I said yes I will Yes"!'